Outfit of the Day: Cold, bleak and Rainy



So, another day in the office- and it was wet, rainy and slightly dreary today. I wanted something loose and comfortable that did not require too much thought, and that I would just be cozy in all day. This striped shirt is from one of my favorite shops, Altar’d State. While it is typically out of my price range, I believe I got this off the clearance rack. It goes with just about any cardigan, blazer, etc. It is actually very flattering, and the simple black and white stripes give a sense of minimalism in the outfit, while the ruffle sides/back gives a touch of flair. Same boots and purse that I have been using, I am a creature of habit and if I like something, I am going to keep using it or wearing it!

My jewelry is silver today, which I do not wear a lot of. However, this cutesy doxie necklace that my husband gave me once was just perfect. I typically wear it with these Swarovski earrings, that he also got me, when I feel like wearing something a tad different. He didn’t know that I didn’t like silver… bless him 🙂 It has definitely grown on me.


My makeup of the day is my typical winged mascara with lots of mascara, however today I used a few different products.


I purchased a new face wash the other day, and can I say WOW?! My skin feels so fresh after using this product. I think it was like $7.00 at Walmart or Target, Olay Cleansing Infusion with Deep Sea Kelp & Aloe Extract. I honestly did feel an instant glow when I used it this morning.

I don’t typically wear concealer every day, because I feel it is an extra step when I typically don’t go too bold during the work week. However this concealer, Tarte Shape Tape in Light Neutral, is like the holy grail of concealers. I probably will never buy another type, this one just does everything you would want in a concealer.

The bronzer and highlighter pictured, I actually received in my Ipsy bag quite some time ago, or maybe it was last month… who knows? However, this bronzer, Paula Dorf in bora bora, is the perfect transition shade for your crease. When I am going bold with my makeup, and especially when I am going for a simple look, I like a light matte brown to blend seamlessly into my crease. This works fantastically, and I easily transitioned it onto my cheeks, and used the blending brush from my eyes to *slightly* contour the sides of my nose. I then added a bit of this highlight, IBY Radiant Glow Highlighter 24K Magic onto my inner lids, on top of my cheekbones, and a bit extra on my nose.  Total Makeup time was about 10 minutes, and that is WITH using a beauty blender. I think it is important to force your products to multitask. For lips I used the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink lip color in DREAMER. It is pretty and all, but I just feel very sticky when I use it by itself. It definitely stays on alllllll day though.

Hopefully it will be warmer in the next few days, and I can bust out some of my pastels. 🙂




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