Sleepless Nights

Another night of no sleeping. I tossed and turned for a couple hours, then I had anxiety thinking if I fell asleep that I would sleep through my alarms. So instead of laying there in misery, I got up and ran a bath. And not just any bath, a bath with two bath bombs. I shaved, exfoliated, conditioned- paying attention to every part of me. I painted my nails and tweezed my eyebrows, brushed my hair and took a long long look at myself. I don’t have insecurities as often as I used to, but even though they are still there on occasion I need to take care of myself. I am always running, running to and from, planning and making lists, driving to and fro, not drinking enough water, not stretching enough, and definitely not sleeping enough. I hope this long self care treatment and sleep “fast” can help me sleep soundly tonight. Happy Monday everyone.

#longpost #nightimethoughts #earlymorningthoughts #selflove #selfcaresunday #selfcarethreads #planneraddict #sleeplessbeauty #sleepdeprived #nosleep #insomniac #midnightthinkers #ladiesofthenight #moisturize #exfoliate


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