Happy Memory Keeping!

I am so obsessed with Jane Davenport right now. I loved mixing her washi strips with the Happy Planner stickers! I think this layout turned out so fun! Memory planning always takes me so much longer than normal planning, because there is so much more thought out into it. A single layout can take me anywhere from 2-5 hours. This may seem insane but I truly enjoy the time spent, and I know I will love looking back at it from years to come.

A few tips:

  • Print your pictures first. I currently use a variety of apps to create collages, and then print them out at Walgreens. This is much cheaper than a lot of the other options, and if you use the Photo Print app you can add pictures through the week and pick them up on Sunday before you do your layout for the past week!
  • Keep some type of journal to keep up with what you did everyday. I currently keep an unorganized notebook that I jot stuff down on, but my newest favorite app is Day One. I utilize the free options, where I only have one journal and I add a picture for the day and haphazardly type/talk into my phone so that I don’t forget anything!
  • Go off of what the most exciting/relevant thing of the week was, and build your layout from that. For example, this week we had done Wine and Design, so this was perfect to utilize all of my paint washi from Jane Davenport. Since I had so much color from that, I stuck to black lettering throughout the rest of the layout so as to not overwhelm the spread.
  • Don’t get tooo behind! Since I went on my cruise, I was unable to complete the week before spread, and now I had to backplan this spread, and still have to do the cruise week, and the week that just finished. Hopefully I will be able to complete these three before the end of this week, so I can complete this week on time!
  • Have fun! It’s your planner! Do what you want and let your personal style shine through.


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