Keeping Up With Multiple Planners

Pretty much like the rest of the planner community lately, I’ve been overspending when it comes to planners and accessories- to the point I wound up with 4 new Happy Planners to start in July. I do quite a bit of planning, and my Happy Planners tend to be quite bulky using only one for a catch all.

The best way to figure out a way to use all of your new planners is to brainstorm! Check out my brain dump for all the ways you can use your new planners.

The above picture will be my four planners.

The Big “Happiness Blooms From Within” will be my catch all Planner that will be mostly to do lists, keeping up with school, and the most aesthetically pleasing so I can create beautiful layouts without too much going on to jumble them up.

The Classic “You are Capable of Amazing Things” will be my catch all home planner. I’ve included shopping lists, weekly meal planning, cleaning schedules, bills, expenses, etc. This will be in a format so that my husband can be involved in my planning. This planner is similar to the big planner in style, but I am currently obsessed with the neutral layouts the Happy Planner has come up with. I don’t always like all the colors they have, because while beautiful, sometimes I don’t like going along with that current theme.

The classic “Agate” Planner was a tough one to decide for the purpose. I am so in love with the colors and design, but I know it will be hard to match with the current Happy Planner stickers books- they just don’t seem to match. I was going to use it as a self love planner but ultimately decided on using it to keep up with my planning! Well, not just planning of course, but all things surrounding my art, creativity and sharing it on social media. Keeping up with all of this is almost a full time job!

The mini “Make Every Day A Party” Planner will be used as my self love and fitness planner. I plan on keeping up with my steps, nutrition, hair wash days, mani/pedis, etc in this little cutie. This is another beauty with its very simple color layout, it is mostly black and white, with touches of rose gold. I am so obsessed!

I have been using the “Every Picture Tells A Story” for my memory planner. I will keep using this one until I can’t fit any more into it. Honestly with how crazy I’ve gotten with memory planning, this will probably only last me until December or so-even if I add expander discs. This is by far my favorite type of planning. I honestly wish I had chosen a different planner for this, because I bought it because it was actually cheaper than the ones without the included stickers and washi. However the entire theme of the book is succulents and plants, which I ADORE-but don’t go with the various spreads I create. I find myself covering up a lot of aspects of this planner, even though all of the details are so pretty!!!

This planner, the classic in “This is Your Year” is very pretty and includes tons of watercolor swatches throughout the entire book. This is the one I bring home every month or so to work on, because it stays on my desk at work. I’m an accountant, and I do several different tasks so I am not as finicky with these layouts so I can let the natural beauty of the planner show through more so than I can with the others. This planner starts in July, however I set it up at the end of May so that I could switch out from my previous planner that I never decorated at all. I don’t post my after the pens with these planners because sometimes it might have information that I am unable to share to the public.

The biggest tip/advice I can give to anyone who plans on working in a decorative planner or multiple planners is to just figure out what works best for you. If you personally have a hard time keeping up with only one planner I definitely would not suggest spreading them out. Do what works best for you. Personally, I love looking at everyone’s work on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest- but I honestly don’t take much from it because I know what I like to do and what works best for me. So if I can inspire you, fantastic! If you’re here because like myself you just like seeing what other people are doing, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my planner setup. If you’d like to see more please remember to click follow on this link, or click the links above to follow me on my multiple social media sites. I post on Instagram typically once a day for all of your planning viewing pleasure!


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