Feeling Overwhelmed


Sometimes planning isn’t pretty. Sometimes people who are planners by nature can get quite overwhelmed with the amount of time that isn’t dedicated to accomplishing their goals. That’s how I am currently feeling. I am feeling like I’ve got so much to do, and no time to do it, which causes these mini anxiety attacks on Sunday when I know I need to be up in the morning for work on Monday.

To help lessen some of this anxiety, I decided to come up with a list of problems. 

  1. I feel like I have no time to get the things I would like to get done.
  2. I am burnt out on school, and a class I am currently taking is much more difficult than previous classes.
  3. I just want to work on my art and planners. I want to do nothing else.
  4. I am feeling very unhealthy.
  5. I am feeling very overwhelmed. 
  6. While I appreciate my job, some anxiety has come from that as well, and I have so many ideas and passions that I feel I could take part in if I didn’t have to work full time.

So instead of dwelling on all of these problems and spiraling into despair, I decided to be as proactive as possible. All of the solutions I came up with will relieve some of the anguish for each of the problems.

  1. Quit Smoking.
    • Today, while facing a ton of anxiety, and like any day that I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I tend to light up constantly. Not only is this contributing to feeling unhealthy, smoking doesn’t do anything to help lessen this anxiety. It actually raises your blood pressure which can actually make you feel much worse.
    • This greatly inhibits my productivity levels, because the constant 5-7 minute breaks I spent going outside today could have added up to hours of things I could have managed to get accomplished.
  2. Figure Out a Morning and Night Routine
    • Most of this anxiety has come from not managing to accomplish things during my off-work hours throughout the week.
    • I am not sleeping on time, and not waking up on time either-causing me to be late for things. Also, this has left me feeling drowsy, further contributing to my lack of productivity.
    • I am not scheduling time for self-care, fitness, or properly finding nutrition. I fill SCHEDULE a bed time, wake up time, exercise time, and things I can do throughout the week to make me feel better both physically and mentally.
  3. Plan by the Hour, and Make Time for Things I Do Not Want To Do, As Well As Things That I Do
    • This touches on number 2, but if I am able to schedule what I need to get done instead of just creating a master to-do list, things might seem much more manageable.
  4. Jumpcut Academy
    • Recently I have been doing an overwhelming amount of research into growing my following, so that perhaps one day I can make a career out of doing what I love. This system seems to be something that can really help me prioritize my time and help me achieve my goals. More on this later.

Well that’s it folks, I hope this list has helped you figure out a way to stop feeling so overwhelmed. I always recommend physically writing things out, and coming up with a plan on paper and then turning it into action. This is also me holding myself accountable, because I have less than half a pack of cigarettes left and I will smoke my last cigarette tonight. I am DONE. Please comment below or check out this post on Instagram @lol_luxury and send me some motivation and inspiration, because I definitely need it right now! Let me know what you guys do when your feeling overwhelmed.

Until Next Time,



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